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This book contains several ways to make money in the Music Industry. You don’t have to be a star or a singer to make money. All you need to do is buy, read and get liberated through this book.
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There are four components in the music industry. Mainly the Originators, Performers, Publishers and Consumers

This book presents how you can make money in each of the components.

Make money as an Originator:

  • As a Composer
  • As a Songwriter
  • As a Lyricist
  • As a Poet

Make money as a Performer:

  • As a Singer
  • As a Musician
  • As an Artiste
  • As an instrumentalist.

Make money as the Publisher:

  • As a Label Company
  • As a Promoter & Distributor
  • As a Sound Engineer & Producer
  • As a Studio Owner

Make money as a Consumer:

  • As a Listener
  • As a Broadcaster
  • As a Fan
  • As a Subscriber

The difference between the poor and the rich is just the opportunity that came the way of both of them that was neglected, ignored, abandoned by the poor but accepted and utilized by the rich. That is why the rich keep getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

2nd Secret

1st Secret

  • 15 latest ideas to make money in the music industry

2nd Secret

2nd Secret

  • 5 Major place to collect money as a singer

2nd Secret

3rd Secret

  • 8 Ladders to climb to start making waves in the industry.

2nd Secret

4th Secret

  • 6 streaming pots to start getting revenue daily
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Bonus A

  • How to launch an album during the covid-19 period without paying for hall and others

Bonus B

  • How to convert your connection to cash and get paid into your local bank account

Bonus C

  • How to collect global revenue not only as a singer but also as a listener or publisher

Bonus D

  • How to convert your music, lyrics, skills, talents and abilities to cash and start enjoying.
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